Celtic / Irish /Scottish Music in Victoria, Vancouver Island BC

Celtic Reflections are a unique duo or trio with a special quality to their musical sound.   Specializing in music for weddings / Wedding receptions,  concerts, folk festivals, conventions, and private house concerts. 

They combine the sound of their vocals with Celtic harp,  classic guitar,  double bass, Irish tin whistles,  mandolin,  also, variety of percussion instruments such as,  bodhran,  zills,  castanets,  dumbek, and congas.

Comprised of Patrick & Patricia De Gabrielle and James Young. 

Their stylings include everything' from traditional ballads to more contemporary sounds.   In addition to their Celtic repertoire Celtic Reflections are also very much into world music and classical and jazz. 

More about the artists 

Click on these wee harps to listen to some audio samples.

A beautiful Scottish love duet of the rolling hills and heather. "The Black Velvet Band "

A beautiful Scottish love duet of the rolling hills and heather. "Molly Malone "

Composed by commission for a Celtic wedding in Waterton Alberta.  The couple were both in the armed forces.  She was in the Navy and he in the Air force.  This song was based on their own thoughts and feelings for each other.  They did not get to hear what the other had written until the day of the wedding. by Patrick De Gabrielle.  "Our Celtic Love

A beautiful Scottish love duet of the rolling hills and heather. "Will You Go Lassie Go”  

A beautiful Scottish love duet of the rolling hills and heather. "The Butterfly "

For engagements which require a larger ensemble,  "Celtic Reflections" have other members (Session musicians) rehearsed and ready to go.  Rates would vary accordingly. 

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  To book Celtic Reflections for your Wedding, House concert, House party,  Conventions - etc. please use one of the following options.  

Phone: (250) 642 1897 or  (866) 328-3696 or...

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Patricia De Gabrielle

has been a performer for many years with a focus on Celtic music for the last ten.  She has also been involved in theater, musical theater and drama education at the university level. Patricia has produced, and directed numerous musical plays and dance productions.  As a specialist in Art, Drama and Special Education, Patricia brings a unique warm quality to the stage.   Patricia's passion for the Celtic harp and for singing a sweet,  Irish ballad will bring a tear to your eye. She also plays the Bodhran, the Irish drum, Zills, Castanets and Spoons for the livelier numbers.  Patricia is a skilled actress and comedienne with a spontaneous wit as sharp as a razor.                                                  

Patrick De Gabrielle

was born in Dublin Ireland.  As the youngest member of a theatrical family, Patrick grew up on the road, touring from town to town, with the Shannon Players, one of the last traveling shows of its kind in Ireland. He took up the Guitar at age 11 and has earned a living playing it ever since. He has over thirty experience playing all styles of music, such as: Jazz, Latin, Blues, Rock, and world rhythms, and has earned grade 10 status in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Classical Guitar.  Now, he has come full circle, home to where his heart was all along, beating to the pulse of Celtic Music.  Patrick is a dynamic performer, as well as being a very skilled guitarist, vocalist, and composer.  He has the ability to capture the audience and hold them spellbound with his Irish charm, clever wit, and fine musicianship.  

James Young The newest member of Celtic Reflections  is a classically trained jazz musician who has received many scholarships to the Banff Centre of Fine Arts and holds a degree from the University of Alberta.

His professional career includes playing and recording with many world class musicians such as Louise Rose, Julius Hemphill, Lenny Breau, Phil Nimmons, Lee Konitz, Roscoe Mitchell, Sam Rivers, and Holly Cole. 

James enjoys a busy concert and club schedule as well as performing in many Jazz and Folk festivals throughout Canada.

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