Celtic Reflections

  Patricia De Gabrielle has
over twenty years experience as a performer.  As well, she is teacher and a specialist in art, drama, dance, and special education.  She is also a vocalist and instrumentalist with a passion for the Celtic Harp.  She also plays guitar and a wide variety of percussion instruments including: Zills, Bodhran, Castanets and Spoons.  Patricia has produced, and directed numerous Musical plays and Dance productions. She is a skilled actress and comedienne with a spontaneous wit as sharp as a razor.

Patrick De Gabrielle    Was born in Dublin Ireland. As the youngest member of theatrical family, Patrick grew up on the road, touring from town to town, with the Shannon Players, one of the last traveling shows of its kind in Ireland. He took up the Guitar at age 11 and has earned a living playing it ever since. In addition to 30 years in other styles of music: Jazz, Latin, Blues, Rock, and Country, He has earned grade 10 status in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Classical Guitar.

Now he has come full circle, home to where his heart was all along, and beating to the pulse Celtic Music.