Celtic harp lessons Victoria B.C. Patricia de Gabrielle


Celtic Harp Lessons with:

Patricia De Gabrielle - East Sooke Victoria B.C.


Some Audio Samples

A beautiful Scottish love duet of the rolling hills and heather. "O'Carolyn's Dream".......T.O'Carolyn

A beautiful Scottish love duet of the rolling hills and heather. "Greensleves".........from new CD Eire

Patricia De Gabrielle has been a teacher and performer for many years with a focus on Celtic music for the last seventeen.

Patricia holds degree in education and is a specialist in Music, Art, Drama and Special Education, and brings a unique warm quality to the stage and a special approach to her teaching.

She has also been involved in theater, musical theater and drama education at the university level. Patricia has produced, and directed numerous musical plays and dance productions. Patricia's passion for the Celtic harp and for singing a sweet, Irish ballad will bring a tear to your eye. She also plays and teaches the Bodhran,( the Irish drum), Zills, Castanets and Spoons for the livelier numbers.

Patricia is a skilled actress and comedienne with a spontaneous wit as sharp as a razor, so performances and lessons are always sure to be fun.

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For booking information lessons and performances please call 250 642 1897 ......

Patricia also performs as a member of the Irish/Celtic Music Duo Celtic Reflections click here for information


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celtic harp lessons victoria b.c. patricia de gabrielle



Celtic music links

Lion Gargoyle Ceolas, the ultimate source for information about Celtic music.

Green Man John Moulden, Ulster folk music guru, offers a catalogue of Ulster folk music and song at his Ulstersongs site. And volume 2 of the Sam Henry collection (edited by him) will be out soon!

Fiddle Larry Sanger is attempting to construct the definitive website on Donegal fiddling. The site gets larger all the time.

Green Man Claddagh Records, who put out lots of good traditional music recordings.

Green Man A good source for reproductions of early Scottish fiddle collections is Fiddler's Crossing.

Lutenist Lyre Publications, suppliers of Scottish lute MSS.

Green Man Dan Beimborn's mandolin and cittern pages.

Lion Gargoyle CelticMusic.Com e-zine.

Kells Head Irish Music magazine.

Kells headSearch the IRTRAD-L archives for the accumulated wisdom of on-line Irish musicians worldwide.

Lion flagThe home page of the Scots-L Scottish music list has archives but no search facilities yet. There's also link collections on Scottish culture and dancing.

Kells Head Official Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Web Site for traditional Irish music and culture.

Tommy PeoplesTommy Peoples is one of Ireland's greatest fiddlers. His new album is a limited edition—it can only be purchased in a few selected shops in Ireland and through his website) There is a real audio section on the site that allows visitors to listen to a sample of the music contained on the album and the track listing page explains his reasons for writing the tunes.

Celtic Thing Every musical Celtic thing on the Web.

ReelMusic linkThe ReelMusic site has lots of Celtic MIDI files, and more.

Lion flag Tulloch Gorm is "a web site dedicated to the preservation, performance and appreciation of the traditional Celtic music of Scotland, Cape Breton, and the United States", and nicely done too.

Manx flag You hear a lot about Scotland and Ireland. Here's where you can get information about the third Gaelic country, the Isle of Man.

Leafy thing The Folksy Links page attempts to list all folk artists in every European country, including many from minority language groups that don't have their own spot on the map (but he has a flag for each one!). Some non-European as well.


































More links:

  • Bruce Olson's Roots of Folk: Old English, Scots, and Irish Songs and Tunes
  • The website for Scottish singer/guitarist Dick Gaughan contains, among other things, the words to a lot of songs that he has recorded.
  • Jim Maginn's Dacent Folk site has some excellent photos of traditional Irish musicians.
  • Rambling House—in every district in Ireland there used to be a house where travelling musicians, storytellers and dance masters knew they would find hospitality. This was known as the Rambling House.
  • irishmusicweb has a number of interesting articles.
  • Home page for Fernhill, a fine Welsh group we heard in—of all places—Blackpool, on our honeymoon. (Note: we were just passing through; we didn't actually spend our entire honeymoon in Blackpool, even if it is "noted for fresh air and fun"!) I think the band name comes from a poem by Dylan Thomas. At any rate, we enjoyed the concert.
  • Ancient music of Ireland site has a lot of Irish MIDI files (presumably the HTML is written in ogham rather than ASCII) and a good selection of links
  • Lesley Nelson's Folk Music of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and America: Lyrics, Tune Information, Historical Background, MIDIs and Tune Related Links
  • The Northumbrian Traditional Music site examines the traditional music of Northumbria, an area encompassing the modern counties of Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland. The site includes sheet music, guitar tabulature, ABC notation and MIDI files. Northumbrian music is, of course, closely related to that of the next-door neighbours in Scotland, but has its own unique stylistic approach.
  • The Musical Tradition site is highly recommended. Some very interesting articles and even on-line books!
  • Dublin City University Traditional Music Society is "a group of highly-dedicated, fun-loving traditional musicians who study at Dublin City University". Their website contains information on the music, and also the following useful resource:
  • Tradsearch Irish Music Search Engine, promises "There are thousands of pages on the net that are about irish traditional music but searching for these pages on the usual search engines can be frustrating, often resulting in links to pages that are in no way related to Irish traditional music. With this in mind this search engine was set up. All of the pages in our database are about Irish traditional muisc, singing , dancing or other closely related topics."
  • Ceol, the Irish Traditional Music Centre at Smithfield Village (Dublin). It's a sort of museum with interactive displays and a movie theatre, from the sound of it. The website has an on-line video and some nice graphics. "Videos showcase great performances. A state-of-the-art sound system throughout puts you right in the middle of each session." It seems a little unnecessary, since getting right in the middle of a session when you're in Dublin is not particularly difficult (except finding somewhere to sit). Perhaps this answers the question of those ubiquitous Germans with video cameras who have become a feature of the pub session in Ireland—here is where all those videotapes have ended up!

    Smithfield Village seems to be an odd sort of place, featuring "a selection of bars, restaurants and vibrant shopping core". There's a Chief O'Neill's Hotel. The restaurant features dishes the likes of "Steamed mussels with tomato, coriander & chilli sauce", and "B.B.Q. pork belly with blue cheese, watercress & beetroot salad". Not a rasher in sight. Would Denis Murphy have eaten here? Sounds like an attempt to cash in on the Riverdance market. Possibly some Dublin resident can provide more insight.

Harp Harp links

Harping pig The harping pig will take you to Harpers' Hall and Culinary Society, the folk harp society in the South Bay. These people believe that good food is almost as important as harp music!

Other music links

  • Australian folksongs.
  • From my birthplace of Canberra, a site dedicated to Australian dance music.
  • Fiddler magazine.
  • The Digital Tradition folksong database. On-line search of thousands of folk-songs.
  • For fans of British folk-rock, check out the Steeleye Span website.
  • Stompin' Tom Connors' home page. Here's a real piece of Canadiana. Canadian radio won't play him because he doesn't sound American enough. I remember seeing this guy at the Mariposa Folk Festival when I was just a wee lad.
    I'm Bud the Spud from the bright red mud ...


celtic harp lessons victoria b.c. patricia de gabrielle

celtic harp lessons victoria b.c. patricia de gabrielle