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“The Rocky Road to Dublin”            

A traditional Irish Dance tune in 9/8 time.  This time performed with Egyptian instruments.  Dumbek and Zills.  

“Tir Na Nog”

Told of in Irish folklore as the land of eternal youth.  It is also one of the oldest names for heaven and one of the oldest names for Ireland, from the quill of Patricia De Gabrielle.  

“The Claddagh Ring”

Tells a story of the origin of the Celtic wedding ring, from a musical play of the same name.      by Patrick De Gabrielle.  

“King Puck”

Tells of the three hundred year old Kerry tradition in which a goat is crowned King.  The shepherd had a double duty to perform while up in the hills, to mind the sheep, and to warn of approaching invaders.  Cromwell’s army was planning an attack, but, alas the shepherd lay sleeping.  So, the ram of the flock came charging down into the town and warned every one just in time, and they have been saying thank you very much every year since.               by Patrick De Gabrielle.  

“Music Laughter And Tears” 

Patrick’s father, Alexander De Gabrielle ran “The Shannon Players Show” in Ireland for over forty years.  An old tape of Alec playing his violin at a family party has survived and is masterfully merged into this autobiographical tale of reminiscence by Patrick.

“The Beggar Man”

By any other name smells as sweet.  This is a great traditional ould foot tapper.  

“Henry Martin”

This jolly sea fearin’ shanty will warm the cockles of your heart.  There is a sequel to this one, but, we’ll not be goin’ there this time me mates. (Watch for the next CD)  

“Our Celtic Love”

Composed by commission for a Celtic wedding in Waterton Alberta.  The couple were both in the armed forces.  She was in the Navy and he in the Air force.  This song was based on their own thoughts and feelings for each other.  They did not get to hear what the other had written until the day of the wedding.                                                                           by Patrick De Gabrielle. 

“Will You Go Lassie Go”

A beautiful Scottish love duet of the rolling hills and heather.


Here are some things to remember on the seventeenth of Ireland.  

by Patrick De Gabrielle.

  “Trooper Smith”

A true story (of a real hero) inspired Patrick to compose this one.  

“The First Unicorn”

Is another tune from The Claddagh Ring musical play.  This one is a complete story in itself and may become another play some day itself.                                                     by Patrick De Gabrielle. 

“The Night Visit”

A happy wee tune with a surprise ending. 


She calls out in dreams… You wish you could go…  

Patrick De Gabrielle.