The menu command API

There are seven custom functions in the menu command API, and none is required. The functions in the menu command API differ from the functions in the main JavaScript API in three ways:

They are not methods of the dreamweaver, dom, or site object.
They are significant only in the context of menu command files. That is, Dreamweaver automatically calls the getDynamicContent() function if it is defined in a menu command file, whereas in any other extension file a function named getDynamicContent() acts like a user-defined function—you have to call it explicitly.
You are responsible for writing the body of each function and returning a value, if required. This is the opposite of how the functions in the main API work: those you call and pass arguments to, and Dreamweaver generates return values, if any. Here Dreamweaver calls the functions and passes arguments to them, and you generate return values, if any.