Description Inspects the function call for a previously applied behavior in the user's document and sets the values of the options in the parameters dialog box accordingly. If inspectBehavior() is not defined, the default option values appear.
Note: inspectBehavior() must rely solely on information passed to it via the applyBehaviorString argument. Do not attempt to obtain other information about the user's document (for example, using dreamweaver.getDocumentDOM()) within this function.
Arguments applyBehaviorString
This argument is the string that was returned earlier by the applyBehavior() function.
Returns Nothing.
Example The following instance of inspectBehavior(), taken from Display Status Message.htm, fills in the Message field in the parameters form with the message that the user selected when the behavior was originally applied:
function inspectBehavior(msgStr){
  var startStr = msgStr.indexOf("'") + 1;
  var endStr = msgStr.lastIndexOf("'");
  if (startStr > 0 && endStr > startStr) {
    document.theForm.message.value = unescQuotes(msgStr.substring(startStr,endStr));
Note: For more information about the unescQuotes() function, see the string.js file in the Configuration/Shared/macromedia/scripts/cmn folder.