Description Inserts into the user's document an event handler that calls the function inserted by behaviorFunction(). This function can also perform other edits on the user's document, but it must not delete the object to which the behavior is being applied or the object that receives the action.
Arguments uniqueName
The argument is a unique identifier among all instances of all behaviors in the user's document. Its format is functionNameInteger, where functionName is the name of the function inserted by behaviorFunction(). This argument is useful if you insert a tag into the user's document and you want to assign a unique value to its NAME attribute.
Returns A string containing the function call to be inserted in the user's document, usually after accepting parameters from the user. If applyBehavior() determines that the user made an invalid entry, the function can return an error string instead of the function call. If the string is empty (return "";) reports no error; but if the string is non-empty and not a function call, Dreamweaver displays a dialog box with the text: Invalid Input supplied for this behavior: [the string returned from applyBehavior()]. If the return value is NULL (return;), Dreamweaver indicates that an error occurred but offers no specific information.
Note: Quotation marks within the returned string must be preceded by a backslash (\) to avoid errors reported by the JavaScript interpreter.
Example The following instance of applyBehavior() returns a call to the function MM_openBrWindow() and passes it parameters given by the user (the height and width of the window; whether the window should have scroll bars, a toolbar, a location bar, and other features; and the URL that should open in the window):
function applyBehavior() {
  var i,theURL,theName,arrayIndex = 0;
  var argArray = new Array(); //use array to produce correct number of commas w/o spaces
  var checkBoxNames = new Array("toolbar","location","status","menubar","scrollbars","resizable");

  for (i=0; i<checkBoxNames.length; i++) {
    theCheckBox = eval("document.theForm." + checkBoxNames[i]);
    if (theCheckBox.checked) argArray[arrayIndex++] = (checkBoxNames[i] + "=yes");

  if (document.theForm.width.value)
    argArray[arrayIndex++] = ("width=" + document.theForm.width.value);
  if (document.theForm.height.value)
    argArray[arrayIndex++] = ("height=" + document.theForm.height.value);
  theURL = escape(document.theForm.URL.value);
  theName = document.theForm.winName.value;
  return "MM_openBrWindow('"+theURL+"','"+theName+"','"+argArray.join()+"')";