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Patrick De Gabrielle

classical guitarist

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Patrick was born in Dublin Ireland and emigrated to Canada in 1974.  As the youngest member of a theatrical family, Patrick spent his youth, touring with the Shannon Players, one of the last traveling shows of its kind in Ireland.  He took up the Guitar at age 11 and has earned a living playing it ever since.

In addition to his years of R. C. M. classical guitar training, Patrick has studied with such masters as Carl Lotzberg (University of Alberta), Dale Ketchison (University of Lethbridge) and has over thirty experience in a wide variety of musical styles such as: Jazz, Latin, Celtic, Blues, Rock, and world rhythms.

Patrick is also a vocalist, mandolinist, tin whistler, humorists, fiddler, composer and teacher of all of the above.


Contact Patrick @  250 642 1897


Music Lessons Victoria BC

Spanish Dance No. 5


An improvisation on the adagio from Rodrigo's Aranjuez by Patrick


A Waltz by Antonieo Lauro.....Patrick De Gabrielle




Recuardos De la Ahambra




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Weddings, Conventions, Dinners, House Parties, Music Lessons or Recitals,

Contact Patrick @ e 250 642 1897

250 474 4455

Music Lessons in Collwood, Sooke, and Langford, Victoria, B.C.

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Victoria, Sooke, Langford, Music Lessons: Music Lessons in Sooke, Victoria, British Columbia

Drum lessons Victoria

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"Irish / Celtic Music Victoria B.C."

Tir Na NOg Irish Musical Bed and Breakfast

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Victoria Conservatory of Music
907 Pandora Avenue
Victoria, BC V8V 3P4

Available for recitals, weddings / receptions, private parties, conventions, corporate events, restaurants etc.

250 642 1897


Music lessons Victoria Langford Colwood Sooke

Belly Dance Lessons Victoria B.C.

Victoria Conservatory of Music
907 Pandora Avenue
Victoria, BC V8V 3P4

Music lessons Victoria Langford Collwood Sooke

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Music Lessons Victoria, Langford Sooke, Collwood BC.

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"Belly Dance Lessons Victoria BC"

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"Music Lessons Victoria, Langford, Sooke, Collwood, BC."

Piano Lessons Langford Victoria B.C.

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"Classical Guitar Lessons Victoria B.C."

"Mandolin Lessons Victoria, Langford, Sooke, Collwood, BC."

Music Lessons Victoria BC Canada






Celtic Reflections

Expert instruction in Victoria BC classical guitar! with master guitarist  patrick de gabrielle


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Tir Na NOg Bed and Breakfast Victoria B.C. 

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Sooke Regional Park You'll find our greater "Victoria bed and breakfast" Tir Na NOg by the Sea Irish Musical Bed and Breakfast one of the finest of "Victoria's B&B's" offering Live Irish music nightly, wonderful gourmet cuisine and elegant, comfortable, rooms and romantic ocean views. Victoria B.C. bed and breakfasts are world famous for their quality of service

Sooke Regional Park You'll find our greater "Victoria bed and breakfast" Tir Na NOg by the Sea Irish Musical Bed and Breakfast one of the finest of "Victoria's B&B's" offering Live Irish music nightly, wonderful gourmet cuisine and elegant, comfortable, rooms and romantic ocean views. Victoria B.C. bed and breakfasts are world famous for their quality of service

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